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Ramesh Sippy Academy of Cinema and Entertainment (RSACE)


A starry-eyed young boy or girl, arrives in the city of Mumbai, fascinated by the opportunities of the promised-land of glamour, action and entertainment, and yet another dream is born. Although this may seem like the theme of many a film, it is a reality for the thousands who come from far and wide, in search of their destiny in the industry of their dreams – the industry of Cinema & Entertainment. Time has acknowledged that one needs the perfect catalyst comprising the requisite skills-set and a roadmap to guide one through the often intimidating and complex labyrinth of this industry, which then becomes the wind beneath ones wings, to finally give form to those celluloid dreams.

With an endeavour to give back and share the myriad experiences of over 4 decades, Mr. Ramesh Sippy gave form to RSACE, an institute that is one of its kind bridging the gap between theory and hands-on knowledge by highly experienced industry professionals.

What makes RSACE truly unique is its tie-up with Mumbai University. This partnership will award a graduate degree to student’s that complete their study in the chosen course of film making, by the highly respected and recognised, Mumbai University.



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