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A comprehensive 1-year course enabling a student to become a full-fledged scriptwriter in any form in the visual medium. The course is rigorous and attempts to create a writer with strong grounding with the knowledge of narrative styles and traditions.


  •  The 1-year course comprises of 2 semesters of 20 weeks each.
  •  Students study and analyze films, screenplays, and other relevant texts to further deepen their
  • knowledge of the form.
  •  The course rigorously inculcates the habit of writing which is imperative for a screenplay writer.
  •  2nd Semester involves writing of a feature-length screenplay and One 1-page pitch, along with a TV series or a Web Series bible.
  •  TV & Web Series Module in the second semester according to the availability of subject experts.
  •  Students also have the option of taking an exit after the completion of 1st Semester. Such
  • Students will be awarded a Certificate in Screenplay Writing.
  •  Fees to be Paid Semester wise.


All courses have written deliverables, and grading is based on timely submission of the same; along with regular attendance and active participation in the classes. While the inability to complete certain submissions results in loss of grades, following submissions are mandatory in order to receive the completion certificate:
1. One Fully Formatted Short Film Screenplay of 7-10 Minutes at the end of 1st Semester
2. Two 1-2 pg Story ideas for Feature Films at the end of the 1st Semester.
3. One Feature Length Screenplay at the end of Semester 2
4. One Step Outline of the same Feature Length Screenplay at the end of Semester 2.
5. TV/Web Series Bible (Includes: Complete Story of a 50-Episode Series for TV/ Beat Lines for 12 episodes for a Web Series, Synopsis of Season 1, 4 Page Synopses of 2-4 Episodes, and Fully Formatted Screenplay of 1st Episode of the Series.)
6. One 1-Page Pitch for Fresh Feature Film Ideas at the end of 2nd Semester


To develop two feature-length ideas into an 8-10-page treatment. Students start with writing 1-3-page Concept / Story, 2-4-page Synopsis / Plot.


• What constitutes a feature-length screenplay idea
• From idea to Treatment: Step-by-step development
• Developing Primary and Secondary characters, Writing Character backgrounds
• Identifying the most consequential events to flesh out the story


A Combination of in-class Ideation and Brainstorming, Supervised writing, Story-specific exercises, and one on one feedback with Mentor help students develop their stories step by step into 8-10 page treatments. Conducted by internal and external faculty.


Two 1-3 page story ideas, further developed into 4-6 page plots.

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