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Film, Web and Television Production: The REEL Deal!

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Do you possess excellent organizational skills and a head for numbers? Are you also artistic and persistent enough to see projects through from the planning stages to the very end? Well, you might have the makings of a film or television producer.

Since the origin of numerous genres, cinema is no longer a privilege only enjoyed by the rich and famous. In India, the creative economy is positively thriving. The Internet Revolution has transformed the world into a global village, with social media platforms such as Youtube, creating countless opportunities for the young and talented to experiment with contemporary forms of film-making and showcase their skills and talent.

Film-making enthusiasts now want to explore untrodden paths of film-making such as short film production, web series, television production, cinematography and many more.

So, what inspires one to become a film or television producer?

Apart from creativity, passion and a need to connect with millions, you recognize that your creation can shape new worlds and cultivate empathy.

But, the process of production can often be exhaustive and intimidating without a guiding hand. Gaining relevant work experience can be useful for any filmmaking enthusiast. Many get their first break as a producer after working in an entirely different role in the film or television industry, such as a broadcast assistant or production assistant.

Sh. Manmohan Shetty

Sh. Manmohan Shetty

So, who exactly is a PRODUCER?

Producers can be termed as Sultans of Bollywood–figures of legendary power and belligerence. A great producer is a perfect combination of business acumen and salesmanship, and also knows how to spot a great story when he/she sees one.

The first step in the film-making procedure begins with the development of a script idea that is first pitched to the producer. A budding film and television producer should always learn the basics of a story. It’s simple. No story, No movie or sitcom. A great script always has two important elements, a riveting story, and memorable characters. A producer should be able to tell a great script from an average one. In short, he can identify what will hit the sweet spot with the audiences. Apart from respecting and nurturing the director’s vision, a producer knows that good music is also instrumental in making a movie immortal.

After approving the script, the producer then realizes the vision and creativity of the entire team and efficiently narrows down the options of the production, right from the second before the camera starts rolling to the successful completion of the project. The producer not only works out minute details such as shoot locations or castbut also, creates a master schedule and budget for the project. A producer understands that communication is the main key to location, staff, Production Company, office, and distributors, in short: a producer can juggle all parties involved effortlessly. Financing a film can be a delicate balancing act that fully utilizes a producer’s entrepreneurial skills. Making a film can be hard, but selling the film is the hardest. A producer should be aware of the differences among marketing, publicity, and advertising. A film and television producer is a wizard at managing finances and knows how to raise money for the cause of the movie. A producer, over the years, learns how to create a flawless business plan, find and discover unique talent.

Gauri Khan

Gauri Khan

Ronnie Screwvala

Ronnie Screwvala

As the project enters the final phase ie. post-production-theproducer’s attention again turns toward the distributors and audience. Almost entirely, a producer’s time and energy are considerably invested in securing the right distribution deals for his/her projects and draw in the audience.

Production can seemingly look like a complex task and an aspirantof film-making needs to learn and imbibe this incredible creative power in order to make a mark in the field of film and television production.

If an aspirant wishes to push boundaries, discover new frontiers and lead today’s creative economy of India, one can consider opting for a good Program in Film Production and Management which can in turn enable one to build a film or a television project from the initial concept and all the way to production and distribution.

One not only develops an extraordinary sense of creativity, sensitivity and an all-encompassing knowledge base, but once one is familiar with the nuances of production, onecan immediately begin building one’s portfolio and gain valuable contacts in the industryby taking up the role of supporting production staff on film and television projects. Besides film and television, a film-making aspirant can explore a range of sectors including advertising, corporate business, charities, universities and other creative industries. The fast-pace and a chance to work with creative heads can be extremely rewarding.

Continuous learning, extensive networking, and a pro-active attitude can take one far in one’s career as a film and television producer!

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