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To make a film is easy; to make a good film is war !

After completing some hundred years of existence, Bollywood has today acquired a legendary status and an impressive global following that no other film industry can compete with. Among all beloved men and women who influenced Bollywood to its current shape are many revolutionary film directors who unceasingly redefined Cinema all over the world. While there's no golden rule for making it big in Bollywood as a Film Director, utilising talent, persistence, connections and an ability to withstand criticism, usually come in handy. A Film Director is someone who always his/her eye on the big-picture but still pays attention to all ...
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Films are all the same – Long or Short

Mr. Cyrus F. Dastur The anxiety on the eve of your feature film’s release is pretty similar to giving birth to a child! In fact a little more I would say because if the child is mischievous or has any problem, you have a lot of time for course correction but with a film it’s pretty much become like a do-or-die over the opening weekend. Gone are the days when you would release a film and in case it didn’t do well on the Friday-Saturday, you could give it some time and expect it picks up by word of mouth ...
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Kiran Juneja Sippy

Scriptwriting in the new generation

Kiran Joneja The art of scriptwriting has changed a lot over the years in our country. Back in the 80’s and the 90’s, actors were not given a bound script beforehand.. It was common to narrate a one-line story to an actor before he signed on and then improvise on the sets during the shoot.Even the dialogues sometimes, were given to them on the sets, right before the shot. But today, the scenario has changed, wherein any actor of repute, will ask for a bound script and thoroughly go through it in order to even consider doing the film. This ...
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suchitra krishnamurthy

Song and dance- are they the brio or death of Indian cinema

Suchitra krishnamurthy It’s a distinct culture that fascinates the whole world- the song and dance routine of Indian cinema. Originating from Nautanki – the musical folk theatre art form especially popular in northern India, the song & dance narrative of Indian cinema is a style of story telling that has endured through the 100 odd years since its inception. But does it deserve to last? Can it? While the original stars of early Indian cinema are said to have sung their own songs it is around the 40’s 50’s and 60’s that playback singing came to the fore. So singers ...
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Charudutt Acharya

Aural writing

Charudutt Acharya ‘Tell a story in pictures’. ‘Write visually’. ‘Show, don’t tell’. These are some of the cardinal tenets of screenwriting that are repeatedly impressed upon budding screenwriters and rightly so. But rarely does anybody stress on writing aurally, caring for the soundtrack as much for the visuals. There is a pressing need to encourage a way of thinking where the sound and visuals are treated as complementary to each other right at the beginning – THE SCRIPT. Sure, the script is a skeleton upon which several departments of movie making add muscle, skin and a host of specialized elements to create ...
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